The Town Council has decided to re-open the Skateboard Park. This area will be monitored and if the activities continue we will determine if it should be closed again. Please speak with your children concerning this matter.


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The Town of Humber Arm South along with the Humber Arm South Recreation Committee is pleased with the effort that was put in place to complete a playground, skate park and most recently, a splashpad. This infrastructure has added value to our community and is used by people of all ages both residents and non-residents.

On Thursday, June 14th, the Town Council, after much deliberation, decided to temporarily close the skate park. This decision comes in light of some recent damages to infrastructure, which includes sports equipment, benches/picnic tables, and the stage, along with individual complaints received of foul language and inappropriate behaviour. Some of these issues have been reported in the past, warnings were issued, but these behaviours still continue. For these reasons, the Town Council has adopted a zero tolerance approach and as such has closed the skate park on a temporary basis.

The Town and the volunteer groups work very hard to fundraise and to provide infrastructure that can be used by all residents. We, as a council, feel it is important to take immediate action on issues like this because everyone in our town should have the right to use the town facilities and feel comfortable and safe.

The town is hoping that the action of temporarily closing the skate park will deter future behaviour. The Council will monitor the situation closely once the park re-opens and if these types of behaviours continue then the council will decide on a future course of action. We encourage parents to talk to their children about inappropriate behaviour and consequences for negative action. We also apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but appreciate the understanding and concern of the community.